SANUSI VISION Art that breaks the barrier's of creativity!

Artist: Adewale Agboke Jr

I started drawing when I was 11years old. I was bored so I picked up a pencil and just tried to put a decent image on a piece of paper. After that day I fell in love with a pencil. As the years went on I grew to like comics, I would buy one every week and see if I could draw the posses I saw in them. My goal was to draw every super hereo ever created lol, I did not reach that but I would say I have over 500 drawings,both Marvel and Dc characters respectively. As I got older I transitioned to animation,fell in love with cartoons, so much so I went to school to learn animation. That passion for animation as led to the creation of my own characters. I attend and I am vendor with a table at as many comic expo's I can attend. I am excited about what the future holds and I hope to continue to grow as an artist.