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Megaman mask



Fabric100% cotton


  • 4.2 oz. 100% cotton
  • 7" W x 5" H
  • 3-ply fabric
  • Fabric ear loops
  • Washable and reusable
  • One size fits most

The 3-Ply Face Mask from Bayside is a comfortable cotton mask with a variety of colors so you can design exactly what you need for your business, organization, or event. The 3 layers of 100% cotton material are there for added protection while still leaving it comfortable and breathable. The mask is fully washable so it's perfect if you need them for many uses. Made of the same cotton fabric, the ear loops sit comfortably for frequent use. * Disclaimer: Cloth masks are not intended to take the place of N95 masks and are not suitable for use in a surgical setting. Wearing a cloth mask is not guaranteed to prevent transmission of disease. For guidance on proper usage, consult the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) available at